Nursing Schools in Texas

Nursing Scholarships In Texas

Actively seeking out nursing scholarships in Texas is one solution for students looking to finance an education in nursing. Texas is a large state that is home to several of the top nursing schools in the nation as well as many scholarship opportunities.

Finding and landing a scholarship can help alleviate tuition costs and other educational expenses. Even though many nursing scholarships in Texas come with requirements, those who actively pursue them will find that the financial rewards can be substantial.

Nursing Scholarships in TexasAs the demand for nurses continues to grow, opportunities for nursing scholarships in Texas have also expanded. In this article we will provide tips and information on how to find and secure scholarships and grants.

How Nursing Scholarships in Texas Work

A scholarship can basically be described as a grant or gift of money that applies to paying tuition and other educational expenses. Scholarships are usually granted by a committee who process the applications, interview potential candidates, and subsequently choose an applicant to grant the scholarship to. The money provided by a scholarship is not a loan and there is no obligation to “pay it back."

Start Out In Your Financial Aid Office

The precursor to many nursing scholarships in Texas is the completion of the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Once you've chosen one of the many nursing schools in Texas to attend, it's important that you get in touch with the college's financial aid office. The financial aid office will help you complete your FAFSA and be a valuable resource for finding available scholarships and loans that you can apply for.

The Application Process for Nursing Scholarships in Texas

Before applying for a nursing scholarship in Texas you will want to make sure you are eligible to be awarded the scholarship. Most scholarships will have qualifications that are based on GPA, geographical location, financial status, race and desired degree. There is no use wasting you time applying for a scholarship that you don't qualify for.

After confirming your eligibility, the majority of nursing scholarships in Texas will require a completed application along with an essay or possible live interview. If an interview is required, make sure you are neatly dressed and prepared. Remember, they are looking for someone who can best represent the scholarship they are offering, so make sure your friendly and courteous.

Where to Find Nursing Scholarships in Texas

There are several types of scholarships available so don't limit your search based on desired degree or current financial status. Here are a few types of nursing scholarships in Texas you can look into.

General Scholarships - General scholarships are often open to students nationwide which means lot's of competition. An example of a general scholarship geared towards the nursing profession is the Tylenol Future Care Scholarship. (Learn more at:

Nursing School Specific Scholarships - Besides federal scholarships, each school's financial aid office will likely know about school specific grant opportunities. These scholarships are only available to students attending a particular school. One example can be found at Texas Woman’s University which recently received an endowment of over $330,000 specifically for scholarships aimed at nursing students at the graduate level.

State Specific Scholarships - State specific scholarships are only open to residents of Texas who plan on attending a Texas based college or university. One of the best state specific nursing scholarships is the Good Samaritan Foundation. Good Samaritan Scholars is the nation’s largest privately supported scholarship program for nursing and has distributed more than $15 million in financial aid to 15,000+ nurses. (Learn more about this scholarship by visiting their website at:

Online Scholarship Opportunities - There are many scholarship search engines that compile information on the majority of scholarship opportunities around the country. These search engines can be a great resource to use in conjunction with your schools financial aid office.

In conclusion, the best way to find and secure nursing scholarships in Texas is to actively pursue all available scholarship opportunities. While it might take time and effort, if you can reduce your dependence on student loans then it will be all worth it in the end.

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