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Nursing Jobs In Texas

Nursing jobs in Texas are readily available depending on your background, level of education and geographic location. Depending on what part of the state you are looking to find work, the task of landing a great nursing job might be easy or a bit complicated. In this article we will discuss, the current status of nursing jobs in Texas as well as some tips and information for finding and landing a rewarding position.

The Availability of Nursing Jobs in Texas

Nursing Jobs In TexasThe outlook for Texas nursing jobs is a good one based on long-term indications. The overall population of Texas has grown substantially and the economy remains solid with actual job growth over the past few years. Besides a growing population and economy, Texas also has an extreme shortage of nurses right now making it easy to find work as a LVN or RN right after you receive your certification.

The best avenue for those looking to find nursing jobs in Texas is to attend one of the top nursing schools in Texas. Texas is home to several of the best nursing schools in the nation that boast high passing rates of the NCLEX exams. Nursing schools in Texas also have nurse placement programs that will help you find work quickly after obtaining your degree.

Job Description of an LVN in Texas

To get a nursing job in Texas as an LVN or Licensed Vocational Nurse, you will need to complete a 12-18 month training program and pass the NCLEX-PN test to become certified in the state. An LVNs job description includes the following:

  • Help with patient bathing
  • Giving Injections
  • Taking pulse rates and blood pressure
  • Applying compresses, hot water bottles, and ice packs
  • Medical record maintenance
  • Dressing of patients
  • Dosing and administering of medications
  • Ambulation of patients

The ability to work well with others and provide support for patients are important skills for LVNs. LVNs are typically under the supervision of a doctor or RN while they are on duty.

Job Description of an RN in Texas

To get a nursing job in Texas as an RN or Registered Nurse, you will need to have at least an Associates in Nursing (ASN) degree and pass the state's NCLEX-RN test to become certified. An RN's job description includes the following:

  • Evaluate assigned patients and plans
  • Implement and document nursing care
  • Assist physicians during examinations and procedures
  • Perform various patient tests and administer medications
  • Promote patients' independence by establishing patient care goals
  • Teaching patients and families to understand conditions, medications, and self-care skills.

A Texas RN will need to perform a variety of tasks and typically reports to a manager of head of a department.

Tips to Help You Land The Best Nursing Jobs in Texas

When applying for nursing jobs in Texas here are a few tips that can help you land the position. First, be sure to completely fill out the application and include any relevant material that shows your education background and experience. An internship at a hospital and any experience outside the normal educational process can be helpful.

Next, be sure to ask questions at the interview as well as answering them promptly and courteously. Often, those who show more interest in a particular job may get more consideration. Another helpful bit of advice is to mention to your prospective employer that you are planning on continuing your education to become qualified for more positions.

In conclusion, finding a job as a nurse in Texas should not be complicated as long as you are fully qualified for the position. Even with the influx of nursing students attending training classes and colleges, the number of nursing jobs in Texas easily outnumbers the number of available nurses to fill them.

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