Nursing Schools in Texas

How to Become a Nurse in Texas

For those interested in how to become a nurse in Texas, there are many opportunities available to those who have the right education, university degree, and experience to fulfill the job requirements. Of course the tough part is getting yourself set up in the right way to maximize your potentials. In this article we will cover some standard guidelines for those who are interested in how to become a nurse in Texas.

Becoming a nurse in Texas all begins with your basic education.  To be accepted by most nursing programs you have to have completed high school or earned a GED and passed the SAT or ACT. While attending school your first two years, you need to maintain a minimum required grade point average and pass all the required prerequisites, such as biology, English, and science.

How To Become A Nurse In TexasHow To Become A Nurse In Texas:  LPN vs. RN

The first nursing degree a student can acquire is an LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse which is a two-year Associate's Degree. The next step up is becoming an RN or Registered Nurse which is a four-year Bachelor's Degree.

While the career of an LPN can be satisfying, they have far less job and earning potential compared to what an RN will have. For those who are currently LPNs, becoming a RN should be a top priority in advancing your career. If you would like to advance your career even further, consider an MSN degree for your masters in nursing.

Choose the Right Nursing School

The next step for those who have fulfilled the basic requirements is to research the best nursing schools in Texas. There are over 70 accredited nursing schools located all across Texas from El Paso to Houston and from Denton to Brownsville, so for Texas residents there is one located near you.

Of the 70+ accredited nursing schools, there are three which are regarded as not only the best in Texas, but some of the best in the country. They are The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, The University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Texas Health Center in San Antonio. All three have earned reputations of being among the finest in the nation. Any one of these three locations can go a long way to obtaining nursing position at a hospital, clinic or other type of health facility.

How To Become A Nurse In Texas: School Curriculum

The types of courses taken at a nursing school will depend on if you choose to specialize in a particular area. Most nursing courses are going to be similar for the most part and focus on biology, science, administration and communications. A nurse who wishes to specialize in pediatrics for example will want to take courses in psychology, particularly those related to child and family matters. This promotes a better understanding when working with children and helps promote good communication with their parents.

Those are the basics in how to become a nurse in Texas. For those seeking a good nursing position, it comes down to knowing what you want to do, earning the best grades you can, and being proactive in searching for the best nursing jobs available. 

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